Saturday, July 21, 2007

Kristina's Meme

Kristina at AutismVox listed ten ways in which she and her son Charlie are the same and said it would be OK if other people want to be copy cats. I'll bite.

1) Both MK and I think words are important and care about how we choose them.
2) We are both concerned with social justice and public policy. It's one thing that can get us both angry and one topic of conversation which will draw either of us in, no matter how distracted we are by other things.
3) Chocolate!
4) We both have good balance and poor hand eye coordination.
5) Neither of us feel the cold very much, but we do less well in the heat.
6) We cannot find any object that is not actually in our hands and, on occasion, we have both been known to ask after the whereabouts of objects that have actually turned out to have been in our hands.
7) We enjoy learning about and imagining the lives of people who live under different circumstances, such as people from different countries or from the past.
8) We both spend quite a bit of time publishing things online and viewing other people's online publications (for me it's blogs and for MK it's YouTube).
9) We both like to cook.
10) We are both considered odd by the general public.


kristina said...

A few of these are the case for Jim and Charlie---4, 5, 6, and 10.

Regarding #6:

Jim was en route via the train to catch an airplane early yesterday morning----he had to go to a colleague's father's funeral----Jim got off the train and left his bag with his suit in it on the overhead rack.

Daisy said...

Great list! I enjoyed coming up with mine. Chocolate? Yeah!