Saturday, August 4, 2007


Reading DoC over at Autism Street, I had Curbies brought up to the front of my conscious again. I've never actually met a Curebie (a person who wants to 'cure' autistic people -- which is to say, make them neurotypical -- by some sort of "biomedical" intervention). I've bumped into the writing of a psychotic individual who goes by the name of ForeSam in the blogosphere, but that is as close as I have come to it.

Sometimes it seems very odd to me how much energy the neurodiversity crowd pumps into arguing against the positions of Curebies. The thing is that the arguments made by the Curebies don't make any sort of sense. It's all flat earth gobbledygook of the sort that doesn't warrant serious discussion.

The other thing that is weird is watching the videos of the people who have been "cured." These folks look as autistic as all get out me. Which makes me wonder why, if the parents are happy to have an autistic child, they bother to pump them full of malt vinegar (or whatever it is) in the first place. I imagine that the cured kids in question had more difficulties at one point and now have less difficulties, but if the parents left out the "curing" part they would have the same kid, and they would get to feel all sorts of pride in the progress that their kid made, rather than owing it all to some quack.

It's a weird world out there and hopefully I'll never get more familiar with it.

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