Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Talk Talk

While I'm gushing about MK's new teacher, MK himself is not so impressed. The teacher is passionate about teaching, so he talks, and he talks, and he talks. MK is not impressed by people who engage in too much of his least favorite form of communication. He says that he cannot understand a lot of what he is saying and that he is, "Boring, boring, boring," and makes time go slow. He also tells jokes that MK doesn't get. And there are enough assignments, where the kids get to work. They just have to sit and listen.

We spoke to our SLP today and she suggested that we wait two weeks and see what happens. It could be the novelty that makes the new teacher's voice and speech patterns hard to understand.

I'm pretty sure that MK is going to have a great time with this guy, but I am reminded -- yet again -- that my idea of good and MK's ideas of good aren't always the same. And of course, when it comes to MK's education, what really matters in the end will be MK's ideas, not mine.

We'll see.

I've got to add that this is the first year where we have had this kind of feedback from MK. He has not previously been able to narrate what is going on in class an how he feels about it, so the "Oh dear, he's bored," response is actually outweighed by the "Excellent! He can tell me he's bored," response.


Club 166 said...

Well, there is the whole "getting adjusted to going to school again" thing, and, of course, he is twelve, after all.

I think I recall thinking school was pretty boring at the age of 12, too.

Or perhaps the incredibly good year he had in 4th grade lingers as an almost unobtainable gold standard for all future teachers.

Good luck, and hang in there.

At least he's not coming home saying he hates it!


VAB said...

Well exactly. I was bored to tears much of time when I was twelve, just in different classes.

Casdok said...

Sounds positive! Cross fingers!