Friday, November 14, 2008

No 'cures' here

Recently, I've been posting about how great we are doing, and we are doing great. But I thought I might mention that, great as we are doing MK has not morphed into some boring neurotypical kid.

He is still exceptional in his interests and his skills. For example, earlier this year, after really struggling with basic geography (what is the difference between a city and a country) he learned basically all the countries in the word, what languages they speak there, what their populations are and many of the capital cities. Recently, he has included real-time weather to his stack of knowledge. So, in the middle of a conversation about any other unrelated topic, we are likely to hear, "By the way, it's getting cold in Copenhagen. Close to zero. It might snow soon." or "It mostly cloudy in Halifax today."

And there are still some unexpected things that are tricky. We read together for about 45 minutes every night. The first 20 minutes are spent on science type stuff. The other night I found out that our guy didn't understand the difference between a river, a lake and an ocean. For a geography buff, that's unusual. He'll probably soon be regaling us with tales of how many liters per hour various rivers around the globe flow at.

This post doesn't really have a point, other than to mention that one can be doing well and still have a unique take on life and still need help with some things that other people might find easier. It's all good.


Niksmom said...

This made me smile. Yes, it is *all* good. Vive la difference!

Anonymous said...

Very good! It does sound like he is doing very well. You read every night like that?! That is great! M would never allow it. She is more a loner type reader, I guess. ;) I am happy you have been posting more.;)

VAB said...

Yes, we read between bath and bed every school night.

M, on the other hand, is a willing participant in science experiments, butterfly raising and so on, which I can never rope MK into. That's some nice green grass you have, neighbor :-)

Mike said...

I love the up to the minute weather reports.

Our son just switched from a constant art obsession where he would draw for hours on end to a more toy based obsession pretty much overnight. At about the same time, he seems to be really getting in the faces of people he knows to try to talk to them (with varying amounts of success). It is interesting to watch the developments and never have any idea where they are going to head next.

Anonymous said...
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