Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tick, tick, tick

I still haven't heard back from Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz (Phone: 212-263-6205) about the Ransom Notes advertising campaign for which he bears responsibility. I am going to be charitable (and optimistic) and guess that the reason he has not called me back is not that he is a coward, but that he has been so flooded with letters, calls, emails and petitions, that he could not possibly respond to us all. Let's keep it up. Letting them know this is unacceptable is good, but getting them to pull the campaign before it causes lasting damage has got to be the goal.

Has anyone posted a list of the staff at the NYU Child Study Center? I'm wondering if mailing them would be another way to exert pressure. My guess is that they are all good people and would be sickened by this campaign if they were aware of it.

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Anonymous said...

Don't bother contacting Koplewicz. It took him too long to realize that hurting people you want to “help” is not acceptable collateral damage. We should write these officials to thank them for pulling the ads and request that they watch Koplewicz to make sure he doesn’t try anything this dirty again to drum up business in the name of public awareness:

Kenneth Langone, Board Chairman
New York University Medical Center

Martin Lipton, Board of Trustee Chairman
New York University

John Sexton, President
New York University

Robert Grossman, CEO
New York University Medical Center

Tell some friends too!